Thibaut Courtois’ Rumored girlfriend Delaney Royle

Delaney Royle

This pretty young gal is Delaney Royle; according to certain sites she is or used the girlfriend of Belgian soccer player Thibaut Courtois, the 6’6″ goalkeeper for Premier club Chelsea and the Belgium National Team.



A few years ago, we told you about Marta Dominguez, Courtois’ Spanish ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children; Adriana born on May 26, 2015, and son Nicolas born in May 2017, a month after Thibaut and Marta split up.

 “My girlfriend Marta and I are no longer together. We both went our own way, even though she was expecting our second child.

“She moved to Madrid, I stayed in London. We still love each other but we don’t have a romantic relationship.”

“But we don’t run away from our responsibilities. We are first and foremost parents of a beautiful princess, Adriana, and our about-to-be-born son Nicolas.

“We’ll strive to give our children the love and attention they deserve.”


In June 2017,  photos of Courtois with a young gal in the south of Spain proved that had indeed moved on; at the time the girl with the black and white bikini remained unidentified, however media later confirmed that her name was Delaney Royle, who has been working as his dog-sitter.

19-year-old Delaney from Chatham, Kent, the daughter of Jonathan and Sacha Royle met the Belgian star after he messaged her in Instagram to ask her about her Pomeranian named Rio.

However, Delaney denied she was dating Thibaut and that she was only allow to date West Ham players; her statement was confirmed by her dad Jonathan who said they babysit Courtois’ Pomeranian Yoshi from time to time. He also said Delaney rarely saw the goalkeeper; Mr. Royle added Delaney was not dating him whatsoever.

“He asked my daughter where she got hers and shot straight up to the breeder in Cambridge to get one.”

“We babysit Yoshi when he goes away. Last week he was playing away in the internationals. Delaney got the dog and brought it back because we have a Po­meranian and they’re brother and sister.

“She rarely sees Courtois.”

Maybe Delaney dated Courtois, maybe she was only a friend; either way, that is in the past now, because she is nowadays dating her boyfriend Nick, with whom she is currently expecting a baby girl.

Courtois was still dating Marta when he allegedly hooked up with Emily Vanhoutte, before that he also dated Kevin De Bruyne’s former flame Caroline Lijnen.