Tina Wiseman NBA Chris “The Birdman” Andersen’s Girlfriend

Tina Wiseman

Tina Wiseman is the longtime girlfriend of NBA player Chris “The Birdman” Andersen. Power forward NBA player known for his colorful tattoos, who raised to fami with the Miami Heat. Birdman joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in June, 2016, by doing so, he reunited with his once Heat teammate LeBron James.

Tina’s NBA stud had a tough childhood, his mother took off and his father tried to sell his artwork all over the world. He had the opportunity to pick between military school and a foster home.

“I’m thankful that I actually got the choice to pick one of the two, and I picked the children’s home.”

Tina’s boyfriend dropped out of Blinn College in Texas and looked at alcohol and drugs to solve his problems. Andersen had his first taste in the majors when he signed with the Denver Nuggets, which were struggling at the time. Then he was noticed in the NBA as a fan favorite and signed with the New Orleans Hornets.

Andersen was living a luxury  life but eventually got addicted to drugs and alcohol resulting of his many issues like losing his home and everything he possessed in Hurricane Katrina. But also that his then-fiancée Brandy Newman ended their engagement. He said:

“I always had control over my drinking. It’s just when it hit me all at once I was like What do I do? I was like I’ll find the answer at the bottom of a bottle, that one didn’t have the answer. Try a can, that can didn’t have the answer. Solve one problem 10 more come along.”

Tina’s sweetheart was going through such hard times, went to rehab and moved to Denver where he underwent weekly drug tests for two years. And now it seems his  life is changing for good, now that he’s found the love of his live Tina Wiseman and are starting a new chapter together.



Tina Wiseman was born in the U.S to Taiwanese parents, medis no longer refer to her Ms. Wiseman, but as Tina Andersen.