Valerie Thrasher Virginia Ginny Thrasher’s mother

Valerie Thrasher

Valerie Thrasher is the proud and loving mother of Virginia Ginny Thrasher, the Olympic sports shooter from Springfield, Virginia who won the first gold for the US Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ginny Thrasher


Valerie Thrasher’s amazing daughter Ginny Thrasher,  the youngest of three children was born February 28, 1997. She wa born in Rome, New York but grew up in Springfield, Virginia; where she attended West Springfield High School in Virginia.

Ginny got into shooting thanks to her grandfather who took her hunting. Virginia was part of her school’s rifle team and continued to excel all the way to college.

She is now a sophomore at West Virginia University where she is pursuing a major in Engineering.

Valerie Thrasher


Virginia Thrasher’s momma, Valerie Thrasher, 52, born October 8, 1963 in Greenville, Pennsylvania. She attended at Reynolds Junior High school and studied to be a nurse at Villa Maria.

She received her B.S in nursing in 1986 from Loretto Heights University and her Master’s degree, human resources management/ personnel administration in 1996 from Chapman University.

Andrea Thrasher was house supervisor at Belleville Memorial hospital in 2010. She worked as an administrative nurse manager at Caritas Norwood Hospital and administrative supervisor at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

Mrs. Thrasher  was administrative nursing coordinator at Senata Healthcare and is now nursing supervisor at HCA in Springfield, VA.

Valerie and her husband Roger Thrasher, an Air Force veteran at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois had three children. Carl, Rory and Ginny.  Carl Thrasher,  like his dad is in the Air Force.