Nozomi Nambu is Boxer Ikki Kotsugai’s Wife?

Nozomi Nambu wife of Japanese Boxer Ikki Kotsugai’s?

Nozomi Nambu could be the wife of Japanese boxer Ikki Kotsugai who was arrested after he confronted a lawyer who was allegedly having an affair with his wife, things got so intense that Ikki cut he lawyer’s with garden shears. Do you know who the woman in the middle of this nasty and mess? Who is Ikki Kotsugai’s wife? is it really Nozomi Nambu?

24-year-old  Ikki Kotsugai an amateur boxer and law graduate from Keio University Law School  in the city of Tokyo, Japan found out about his wife’s steamy affair with a 42-year-old lawyer; he drove to the lawyer’s office at Minato Kyowa Law firm in Toranomon, Tokyo where Ikki’s 20 something wife works as a clerk.

At about 7:40 a.m today Ikki Kotsugai hit him several times he then used shears to cut the lawyer’s before he flush it down the toilet, he was arrested at the scene, while the victim was rushed to the hospital. His condition hasn’t been confirmed although it was reported that even though he loss a great amount of blood, his life was not in danger.

The name of the lawyer hasn’t been officially revealed however several twitter users said the lawyers’ identity is Tadashi Wada, who graduated in 2005 from the University of California, Berkeley and in 1996 from Meiji University.

There has been rumours about the name of Ikki , we heard Kotsugai’s wife is Mihoko Toyoizumi. Is this true? Do you know if Ikki Kotsugai’s wife is Mihoko Toyoizumi? or is it Nozomi Nambu? She used be among Ikki’s friends on Facebook, but she deleted her account today.

Just in case this is Nozomi Nambu’s photo, plus two more of the alleged lawyer

nozomi nambu ikki Notsugai

Pinnozomi nambu ikki Notsugai
nozomi nambu ikki NotsugaiPin