Ellie Spieth PGA Jordan Spieth’s Sister

Meet Ellie Spieth the sister of PGA Golfer Jordan Spieth

Ellie Spieth is the young sister of PGA golfer Jordan Spieth who suffers from a neurological disorder and she is one of Spieth’s biggest supporters; these two have a great relationship, her family said Jordan wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t grow up with sister Ellie Spieth.

Shawn and Chris Spieth are the proud parents of three amazing children, Jordan Steven who is a star basketball player at Brown University and 15-year-old Ellie Spieth who was born with a neurological disorder in the autism spectrum that impairs her ability to interact and communicate, her  famous brother said she is the best thing that ever happened to their family.

“Ellie certainly is the best thing that’s happened in our family. It helps put things in perspective that I’m lucky to play on tour and to compete with these guys, it’s been a dream come true. I definitely attribute a lot of that to her.”

Growing up with Ellie wasn’t easy, her mother talked about that after her son Jordan won the Masters..

Jordan wouldn’t be where he’s at today if he didn’t grow up with Ellie,’ she said. ‘Jordan realizes the Masters isn’t real life. Trying to sit around and have dinner when his sister doesn’t want to eat when everybody else is eating and has a fit, that’s real life.

‘Ellie always thought her brothers won at everything,’ she added. ‘So there was no way they were allowed to be down around her. No way.’

“Growing up with Ellie has helped Jordan and Steven both have that quality of not being self-centered,”  his father Shawn says.

“In sports, there are certainly some benefits to having everyone and everything focused on you. It can help get you there faster, and usually that’s what it takes to be the very best at anything. But it can also be harmful.”

“Over a long career, I think balance and perspective, more times than not, will make you happier, whether you end up being the very best or not. If Jordan doesn’t ever become No. 1, he’ll know that’s only a piece of life, not all of life.”

Most of the times Ellie Spieth watches Jordan playing home from their television at home in Texas, but she is in the crowd this weekend at Whistling Straits.

“I heard her yelling when I was walking over the last barrier before the first tee. So I went down and saw my parents and Ellie. I didn’t hear them much on the course, I think they stayed back a ways.”

“The crowds were big enough that I couldn’t pick them out. It’s awesome when she comes out to events. I’m interested to see if she made it through the whole round and what she thought.”