Who is German MMA Fighter Sheila Gaff? Any Boyfriend? girlfriend?

The 23 year old beautiful German androgen, Sheila Gaff , also known as the German Tank, will be facing Sara Mcmann at UFC 159. Will Gaff bring a hot date this time? Does Sheila’s girl/boyfriend assist?


A dream came true for Germany’s best female MMA fighter – a dream which seemed impossible just a few months ago: Sheila Gaff (10-4-1) is going to fight in the UFC. Today Groundandpound.de learned of her contract signing with the world’s biggest MMA organization. Gaff’s Octagon debut is set for April 27th at  UFC159 in Newark, New Jersey. Her opponent is supposed to be undefeated Sara McMann (6-0), an Olympic silver medalist in freestyle wrestling. Gaff has already agreed to the bout, though official bout agreements haven’t been signed yet.

We can’t assure you this guys, the only thing we know is that it takes to wrestle, people! So we must admire the Teutonic beauty known as the German Tank. So we are not sure if men will make passes on her..What about a hot chick? Will she be attracted to her? Perhaps…She is not looking like a guy exactly, still she wears dramatic makeup and got this toned arms, a little bit bigger than what we chicks would normally aim for when we work out…I mean, she doesn’t have bat wings, but yet.

People might inquire what goes on her dating life, but this Frau keeps this a mystery. So we could not check anything. What can we add? Just my excuses for not being able to talk trash about her. Some people even suggested Gaff might be dating her handsome trainer Andre Balschmieter, what you do know?

Sorry, but she rocks! I don’t think she looks like a transgender man, no way at all. She is pretty, well more like pretty hot. Period.

Maybe we can figure out by an insight of Sheila’s Twitter. By clicking here.