Who is Huskies and Heisman Trophy Candidate Jordan Lynch’s Girlfriend?

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Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch is thought to be a Heisman Trophy long shot. Although  he’s not going to NY to be an also-ran and to be seen with his girlfriend!

As per his words:

I’m going there to win.

I don’t like to lose. If I don’t win, it’ll be a great experience being around the other candidates and past winners.

But the girlfriend part, is made up. Nobody really knows if this cuttie got a beau by his side. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t kill to date this guy? Into sports, glam, looks, he got it all but a girlfriend….


I read something once related to this issue, and this is what was found:


imagePin So guys, it is not official if this man has a girlfriend…but this is good! So we got chances!!!!