Amaliya Weisler NFL Player Lawrence Phillips’ Girlfriend

Amaliya Weisler

Amaliya Weisler was at one point of her life the girlfriend of former NFL player Lawrence Phillips; who was serving 31 years at a California prison for multiple charges, including the mysterious death of his cellmate Damion Soward, and seven counts of assault of his then girlfriend Amaliya Weisler. Lawrence Phillips was the sixth overall pick in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft where he was selected by the St. Louis Rams, he played with the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers before joining the AFL and CFL at the end of his career and before his legal problems started. He was found unresponsive inside his cell at Kern Valley State Prison on January 13, 2016. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, his death death is being investigated as a suspected suicide..

Amaliya Weisler’s former boyfriend was once the man who earned more than $5 million in the NFL. Lawrence Phillips the son of Juanita Phillips was born on May 122, 1975 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He grew up in foster homes in California and attended West Covina High School and Baldwing Park High School in High School he found football. Football offered him the opportunity to have a future.

He held on to that dream when he played in the outside and inside linebacker position as well as a runningback His dreams became pretty clear to him when he attracted the attention of the University of Nebraska after winning the CIF. He earn his place as a starter player at the University of Nebraska football team, he was unpredictable and dangerous on and off the field, a proof of that came on March 11, 1994 when Phillips was accused of assaulting a young Doane College student who claimed Phillips grabbed him by the neck and pulled him off another person during an argument at a blocked intersection, Philips the star running back with the Huskers plead not guilty in January, 1995 not long after he helped his team secure the 1994 National Championship.

He finished that season with 206 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns on 22 carries making him a fine prospect for the Heisman Trophy. Things didn’t turned nice for him after he was arrested for assaulting his college girlfriend Kate McEwen a basketball player at the University of Nebraska, even after that happened his coach Tom Osbourne kept him in the starting team that played against Kansas, Iowa State, oklahoma and at the Fiesta Bowl, Head coach Osbourne was who encouraged him to turn pro a year earlier.

After a magical spell with the Rams and The Dolphins, the 49ers hoped to see the same of Phillips in San Francisco, but he lost interest and the 49ers eventually waived him in November, 1999. Phillips played with the Florida Bobcats of the AFC and the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL around 2001 and 2003. His last team was the Calgary Stampedes who released him shortly after they signed him for arguing with their coach.

Two years later, he was arrested for driving his car to three teenagers after they had a heated argument at a game in L.A, this was one of the three charges he was charged with in a year-span; the other two involved two domestic abuse allegations from his then girlfriend.Amaliya Weisler

Lawrence Phillips’ ex-girlfriend Amaliya Weisler from San Diego said Phillips chocked her twice, once to the point unconsciousness in 2005. Ms. Amaliya Weisler said a friend introduced her to Phillips in 2005 and they started dating almost immediately.

Amaliya who testified at Phillips’a trial said she was still dating him said the first attack occurred at 4 a.m. on Aug. 2, 2005, Amaliya Weisler said she and Phillips argued because “we weren’t getting along sexually.”

He slapped her across the face and put his hand around her neck, after she placed his clothes on the bed and demanded to know why he was living in her place.

“He’d never been like that before,” Weisler said. “He was always a sweetheart.”

Weisler said Phillips grabbed her by the hair and choked her until she flipped herself over the couch and broke free.

“I woke up on the floor, unconscious,” she testified.

He met again on Aug. 13, 2005, an apartment complex she wasn’t familiar with. She said Phillips trapped her in a bathroom, slapped her, choked her and knocked her into a bathtub after accusing her of having with one of his friends.

Ms. Weisler said she was scared when she drove to Rancho Bernardo with Phillips so he could confront his friend, and ran to a nearby apartment when the defendant kicked in his friend’s door.

The occupants of that unit called police, and when she came outside, Phillips had taken her car, she testified. After charges were filed, Phillips fled to Los Angeles and was subsequently arrested for deliberately driving a car into three teenagers following a dispute during an impromptu pickup football game.

38-year-old Amaliya Erin Weisler who still resides in San Diego worked as a entertainer, she gave birth to her son Dante on June 12, 2012 at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, the father of her son is Devin Henderson, it is unknown if they are or were married.