Beatrice Bouchard – Canadian Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard’s Twin sister


Meet Beatrice Bouchard, the older sister of 20-year-old Canadian tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard. Beatrice’s sis is the 2012 junior Wimbledon singles and doubles champion and the first Canadian in history to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Like her famous sister, Beatrice was also born to Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclair. Beatrice is actually her twin sister, they might not look exactly the same but Beatrice was born six minutes before Eugenie making her 6-minutes older than the tennis pro. The term is fraternal twin sister.

The girls born February 25, 1994 were named after Prince Andrew’s daughters and are the older siblings in a total of four. Younger siblings are, sister Charlotte born in 1995 and brother William born in 1999.



Beatrice who is a student, is also a big supporter of her sister, Genie said of her twin sis

We keep in touch and she’s a huge supporter. We’re opposites but very close

Below we can see a picture of Beatrice and her dad.


Both sisters actually started playing at age five, but this was not Beatrice’s thing and she retired the following year at age six. On the other side Genie pretty much was settled by age nine, that was what she wanted to do.


‘I was always very determined, and to excel at this sport you have to be really disciplined and motivated.

‘I asked my parents if I could play more so they put me in groups where there was more actual tennis and it went from there.

‘Nine is very young to decide what you want to do in life but that is pretty much when I decided.’

‘Meanwhile my twin retired at age six. We are very close but opposite in many ways. I never needed to be pushed.’




Earlier this year, they both turned 20, and even thought her sister gets all the attention, Beatrice certainly has her own fun. The natural blonde is living every minute of college life. She likes to travel and parties like any other 20-year-old.

While her younger sis lives for tennis, Beatrice likes raves and swimming.



While Genie has had to shuttle between her native Montreal and Florida to continue with her training and the teen had to opt for distance education, Beatrice had a more normal education. On an interview last year she said of Beatrice

Sometimes I see her and I want her life, but not too often. The life I’m living is special, exceptional.”

Indeed, the 20-year-old who started playing at age 5, turned pro in 2009 and was named 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year has made over one million in prize money and appeared in major sports and glamour magazines.

The DailyMail shows a picture of the pair dressed up as raunchy police officers, which will only delight the legion of new fans.

Her sister overcame the No3 seed Simona Halep and now takes on the 2011 champion Petra Kvitova in Saturday’s final.


Find Beatrice on Twitter here and on Instagram here.


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