Bianca McGaughey- Brian McGhee’s Girlfriend


According to media former pro wrestler Brian McGhee stabbed his girlfriend Bianca McGaughey several times outside her home in Florida on Wednesday night, he then left her there to died from her injuries.

He posted a picture of Facebook showing what it seemed to be a arm or leg around that time, before he led police on a chase through Tampa in a Pontiac Grand Prix before they arrived at the apartment at 8449 Del Lago Circle.

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29-year-old McGhee also known as Donovan Ruddick crashed into a guardrail in Pasco County near County Line Road and Interstate 75. Authorities sent in their police dog Chico a German Shepherd mix who helped catch Brian

Officials took the ex-wrestler to St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was booked into the Pasco County jail Friday morning, dressed in a hospital gown. Bianca died at the scene from multiple stab wounds; known by the ring name “DT Porter,” faces a first-degree murder charge.

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25-year-old Bianca V. McGaughey aka Bianca MzBinky McGaughey was born on  July 15, 1988 in St. Louis Missouri to Yolanda McGaughey and Robert McGuire. Bianca who was currently living in Tampa, Florida dated McGhee not long ago, pictures of them in happier times can still be found in her Facebook profile, was arrested last August for fraud in Tampa. Bianca graduated in 2006 from  North County Christian High School St. Louis, MO,


Brian had already move on, he was dating a girl  Just Dee whose real name is De DeArra who friends said managed to untamed the beast.

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