F1 Sebastian Vettel’s girlfriend is Hanna Prater

Girlfriend of the three-time world F1 motor racing world champion Sebastian Vettel, Hanna Prater, is one of the more reclusive WAGs as she has hardly been seen in the paddocks or at the races.

Vettel prefers not to change the trend reportedly reasoning, “Never bring your girlfriend to work with you, if my girlfriend was here I would probably feel the necessity to look after her.”

The Red Bull driver prefers to keep his personal and professional life apart and almost no one from his team has ever met his partner.

But what do we know about Miss Prater? She was born in, 1987 on Heppenheim, German.  From her father’s side she is German and British from her Mother’s, she studied design and textile in Baden-Württemberg University.

Unlike couples like Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, Hanna is a very low key wedding that does not usually pose for magazines or appear on television, but she still is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and she might look like a model.

She is the actual girlfriend of tree-time F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel and already has several years of relationship with the Red Bull driver, since they met in high school, their relationship started 5 years ago.

When she was 21, they weren’t living together yet but very near from each other.

Vettel said: “We live 400 kilometers apart but we see each other all the time.”

And when Vettel became F1 Champion, she had to change University because everyone wanted to speak with her and ask her questions about her boyfriend, the Red Bull driver and actually she is living in Switzerland with Sebastian Vettel.