Jordan McDonald – MMA Jake Ellenberger’s Ex-Girlfriend

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This is  Jordan McDonald, she is also a MMA fighter/ model for years we knew her as Jake Ellenberger, they are no longer dating, but in case you re interested this is what we know about her!

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Jordan McDonald’s trail to victory in mixed martial arts may not have been a conservative one, but the former South Carolina local is at present one of the top part-time prospects in the sport.

Growing up in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Jordan McDonald learned to stick up for herself at a young age. The tiny, self-described tomboy was picked on due to her dimension and admits to getting into “a couple” of recreational fights as a youth. It did not come into sight that a prospect in fighting was in the cards for McDonald, though, as she began surfing competitively in her early 20’s as working her way through school, with an arrangement to attend law school.

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Things changed in 2009 when McDonald had her first mixed martial arts fight. McDonald seemed destined for a traditional career path as she worked her way through school; holds a major in political science and a minor in psychology with all purpose of attending law school upon graduation day. When not in the classroom, McDonald surfed competitively and was featured on the cover of a local surfing mag, but viewed the sport as a hobby and saw limitations in her expectations.

After graduation in 2005, McDonald began to move her focal point away from the water. She joined a non-profit law firm in 2007 and worked in environmental law. Things appeared to be falling into place.

When three-time world Muay Thai champ Maurice Travis opened a dojo in the near city of Myrtle Beach approximately the same time, McDonald’s friends encouraged her to come and prepare herself. Liking the new defy, McDonald stopped surfing competitively and continued to train off and on in Muay Thai for the next 18 months; she still worked for the non-profit firm. At the command of a pro photographer friend, McDonald also began modeling and did photo shoots in her limited extra time. As for her future she decided that mixed martial arts was her calling.

She recalls:

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This is just considered as the place to be for fighting.

I had been to Las Vegas a couple of times with a few friends of mine and a couple of them actually moved out here before I did. So, for one, this is one of the best places to come for fight training and to network, but I also had friends out here that had a place for me to go and stay at. I don’t know if I will live in Las Vegas forever, but this is definitely a great place to jumpstart my career.

Robert Drysdale just gave me my second stripe and it was quite a surprise.

Since I moved out here to Las Vegas, the level of fighters is much higher. That’s not to take anything away from anyone in South Carolina, but [Las Vegas] is just the epicentre of fighting. Back in South Carolina, I rarely got tapped out in jiu-jitsu training. I could hold my own pretty well. Now that I’m training with people who are at the top of their game, training sucks! It’s great, but I get tapped out much more and I’m going up against much tougher people.

Sometimes, in your head, you feel like you’re not getting any better because you’re losing to these people who are so much better than you every day, but really, that’s what you want. You want to be getting beat up in training and working with people who are much better than you. I wasn’t feeling really great that night, but when he gave me my second stripe, it made me feel a lot better

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Jordan McDonald Bio

Name: Jordan McDonald.

Date of birth: June 13, 1981.

Place of Birth:  Myrtle Beach, SC.

Height:  5’4″

Weight:  110 lbs.

She is associated to Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu and Xtreme Couture

Follow Jordan McDonald on Facebook here, her website here and Twitter here.

As mentioned Jake Ellenberger is no longer dating Jordan, but he isn’t single either, meet the new gal!!!