Kyra Chaos- James Harden Girlfriend

Kyra Michelle Chaos is a hip hop video model who is 25 years old, Hampton, VA comes with lovely figure straight from Hampton, Virginia and shares her time between Atlanta, NY and Miami. She was chosen the 2012 Straight Stunning girl and Jet Beauty of the Week

This home girl sure puts the V on voluptuous ya’ll she is the girlfriend of NBA’s top 6th man James Harden.

Kyra and Harden were recently seen embracing both before and after Rockets game, and the internet began buzzing. Kyra is a model & video vixen who has own clothing line sold online while also “hosting” and making various club appearances.

But get this, Chaos might not have to work a day in her life again! The outrageous player who has made headlines in the past for his tasteful choices of ladies allegedly pays his girlfriend Kyra Chaos a $50k a Month Salary! And what’s her job description exactly? To just be random arm candy!

That is according to one of Ms. Chaos’ friends. She could be exaggerating, she could be lying or she could be spot on!

We really couldn’t care less what Kyra’s boyfriend does with his dough as long as girls around the world don’t start asking their boyfriend for salary! Whatever the bootyliceous girl is doing its sure having The Beard’s game flourish on the court.

Chaos could easily be related to Nikki Minaj don’t you think! Since the split between Harden and Trina he’s been cozying along with

Business Owner/Cover Model. A baby girl living in a ladies world!

According to her twitter, girl Kyra.

This is how Ms. Chaos describes herself..

Modeling has been my DREAM since I was 10 years of age. I am also a Cosmetologist, but Modeling has happened to have my most interest. Cosmetology is what happens to pay me, & I have more experience there. I have been doing hair since age 16. I LOVE to take pictures & the camera is my Best Friend.

I am very popular in my city for the things that I do. I am hoping to find work through this site as well as meet others that can help me in considering to make my work better! I take criticism as it is Information for help.

I AM NOT Taking any crazy photos. If there is any other ideas that you may have & wish to shoot with me, leave me a private message with brief information &/or details & we will go from there. I have thus far graced the pages of Straight Stuntin magazine as well as Jet magazine.

You can follow her on twitter here, Facebook here and see more pictures of her bombshell body here.


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