Meet Diego Schwartzman’s girlfriend Eugenia De Martino

Eugenia De Martino

This picture-perfect blonde is Eugenia De Martino; the lovely girlfriend of Argentine tennis player Diego Schwartzman.

A few years ago, Diego was allegedly dating Barbie Velez, however, both of them denied their relationship.

Diego looks like he concentrated on his career, but he never expected meeting Eugenia de Martino would make him consider dating.

Eugenia De Martino


Schwartzman and the 5’4″ Argentine model have been dating for over a year. Eugenia De Martino is represented by EP Bookers model agency.

Eugenia posted this photo one the day they celebrated their first anniversary.

1 año juntos. ⭐️♥️ gracias por ser el mejor compañero de vida. Por hacer de todos los días, los mejores. Mi demonio preferido, te elijo y te volvería a elegir millones de veces más. Este es el primero de los miles y mejores que nos quedan. Hasta 👵🏻🧓🏻♥️😍 te amo!!! @dieschwartzman

1 year together. ⭐️ ♥ ️ thank you for being the best life partner. For making the best of every day. My favorite demon, I choose you and I would choose you again millions of times. This is the first of the thousands and best that we have left. Until 👵🏻🧓🏻 ♥ ️😍 I love you !!! @dieschwartzman
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