Meet Tyrrell Hatton’s girlfriend Emily Braisher

Emily Braisher

This stunning young lady is Ms. Emily Braisher; she hates to be called a Wag, but she is the lovely girlfriend of a sports athlete, the lucky lad is English golfer Tyrrell Hatton, a member of both PGA and European Tour.

But surely you already knew that therefore allow us to tell you what we know about the exquisite Ms. Braisher.

First and foremost let us tell that Emily is no ordinary wag, which is why she created her blog Wife on Tour, in her own words..

I suppose I’ve started this blog as more of an outlet for my thoughts and daily life happenings. Since graduating university last summer I have taken to traveling full time with my boyfriend, Tyrrell Hatton, who plays golf for a living all over the world.

I know what my family and friends are all probably thinking…yes, I’ve called the blog wife on tour, but ‘girlfriend on tour’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.. literally!

The ‘WAG’ (I hate the stereotype that comes along with that acronym) lifestyle can come across as nothing short of glamour and bliss, but in reality being away from home and living out of a suitcase can be really tough at times.