Melissa Morales is Jordi Alba’s Girlfriend


The new “El niño” that’s his nickname Jordi Alba has been a new revelation to his team, with an angel face that doesn’t brake a plate he managed to fulfill his childhood dream to play.

Although little is known about his personal life his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend hasn’t hesitated about talking about their intimate relationship. Melissa who spent the last 3 years with the footballer is a student and they met at nightclub located in Valencia, Spain.

The sizzling Spanish girl kept the young footballer busy going out and having a good and talks good about him

“He is humble and very loving with the girls”

But apparently the 20 year old Spanish girl broke things off last Spring allegedly because of their temper and jealousy

“sometimes we exceeded tension”

But also says they enjoyed dancing Flamenco and said she helped him prepare for interviews.


Is too bad, they make a great couple right! Plus she said he was “good in bed” see them getting back together? The young girl is interested in learning languages and plans to move to London.