MLB Paulo Orlando’s Wife Fabricia Orlando

MLB WAG Fabricia Orlando

Fabricia Orlando is the amazing, loving and pretty wife of Brazilian MLB outfielder Paulo Orlando who is one of the spectacular players of the Kansas City Royals. Before joining the major leagues, Orlando played in the minors. Baseball is not a sports Brazilians commonly opt for, they would prefer to beach volleyball and soccer, but it was after a Japanesse doctor that his nurse mother worked with made the suggestion that Orlando discovered baseball. However, this story is not about Paulo, but about his lovely wife Fabricia Orlando and their family, so check it out!
Orlando born and raised in Sao Paulo. Brazil was born like many Brazilians with an athletic dna, so besides baseball, he played soccer and track and field. He competed for the Brazilian Junior Olympic Tea.m (200 meter sprints and 400 meter dash), but baseball was just there around the corner waiting for him, and by 2005 he quit the track and field team and focus on baseball.



He played in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic before he signed a deal with the White Sox in 2005 where he quickly gained notoriety for his speed and defensive outfielder play. The Kansas City Royals didn’t waste time and traded pitcher Horacio Ramirez for Orlando to the White Sox in August, 2008; however it was until the 2014 season the Royals added him to their 40-man roster.

Orlando made his debut with the Royals on April 9. Paulo hit his fifth triple in his first seven games on April 20 and his first homerun against he New York Yankees on May 26, and hit a walk-off grand slam against the Tampa Bay Rays in July 7.

Paulo Orlando’s wife is Fabricia Orlando born Fabricia Silva, mother of his beautiful five-year-old daughter Maria Eduarda. Fabricia and little Maria still live in Brazil, but she flew to Kansas to watch her husband play for the first time in the majors where the Royals defeated the Detroit Tigers 4-1; Maria stayed in Brazil and Fabricia stayed in the U.S for a few days, she said that if the Royals renew her husband’s contract she could relocate to the U.S.

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