Monique Gooden ( Monica Harris) is Dwight Gooden’s Wife


Former  NY Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden hit with provisional restraining order over threats directed at on bad terms spouse, .

Gooden’s wife, Monique, called the Bergen County Police Department last Friday, claiming Gooden made “terroristic threats.” Monique claims Gooden said:

All bets are off and I will hurt you and your family. You”ll see, just wait.

After police came at the house, Monique was granted the restraining order after talking with a family court judge over the telephone. The judge, according to the report, ordered Dwight out of the residence and stripped him of his visitation rights of their two kids until a court hearing on March 11.

Gooden and his wife were living in the same home as they finalized their split-up. Gooden’s wife filed for divorce on Nov. 20, 2012.

If this is a true accusation, Dwight is in trouble because who knows if he will lose not only a lot of money in order to pay his ex-wife for what he said that is considered a delicate accusation against him. On the worst scenario he might be losing even custody over their children. That will be devastating to him and we will notice the change in his mood towards the game since his personal life is falling from a risk into a pit.

Violence against women is not only physical but also verbal and he should have measured his words before threatening her and her family! Maybe he is under a lot of stress too and their separation just made things worse…men act differently as women and sometimes they react violently to the problems or issues they might be facing. He should visit a counselor and things might go better for him.

45-year-old Monique Gooden also known as Monica Harris was just 20 when she got married to Gooden at the time 23, on Nov. 21, 1987 in front of 600 guests at St. Matthew Baptist Church in Tampa. They have four children together, 2 girls Ashley and Ariel and two boys Darren and Devin

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