Sabina Altynbekova – Kazakhstan Volleyball Player

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17-year-old Sabina Altynbekova from Kazakhstan never imagined following her passion for the sport would get her other kind of attention!

Sabina-born November 5, 1996 -belong to the under-19 Kazakhstan’s women’s volleyball national team and apparently she is being slammed by critics for being too beautiful to be playing volleyball.

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She garnered major attention when participating with her team on the in the recently concluded FIVB Asian Under-19 Championship. She didn’t have a significant participation and her country finished in 7th place. However the  player became the latest internet sensation only for her good looks!

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Until now, she appeared oblivious to her perfect, shiny, healthy, hair; perfect slim figure; right face shape and striking features, she told Yahoo Sports,

“I’m flattered but it’s getting a little overwhelming, I want to foucs on playing Volleyball and I want to be recognize for that and nothing more”

She is your regular 17-year-old, very active on social media, she has over 25k followers on Twitter and over 225k on Instagram.

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It is fair to say without her volleyball paraphernalia she looks pretty much like a model. According to a website with her name, found on her Twitter account, she obviously has her parents to thank for her looks but also for  her talent. She is the daughter of athlete parents with her father being a skier and her mom a race-track athlete.

Her clearly aggravated and frustrated coach said about Sabina’s recent fame

“It is impossible to work like this. The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship,”

According to report from the Huff Post, sports critics of the country are complaining that 17-year-old Altynbekova is so beautiful that she is a distraction for the sport. Her coach even admitted Altynbekova ends up stealing the limelight for her beauty, not sporting skills.

Her good looks got the teen player the attention of spectators and journalists alike during the Asian Championship held in Taipei, even when she was sitting on the bench and not playing volleyball. Crazy!

What do you think of Sabina?

You can find several find pages on Facebook, and her official Twitter and Instagram.


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