Suzette Carr SC Gamecocks Duane Notice’s Mother

Suzette Carr

Meet Mrs. Suzette Carr; she is the gorgeous and proud mother of Duane Notice, Canadian college basketball guard for the South Carolina game at the University of South Carolina.

Suzette’s boy was born on September 7, 1994, in Toronto, Canada. Initially, attended at St. Michael’s high school in Canada, prior to that he played one season at St. Thomas More School in Connecticut, subsequently, transferred to USC.

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In addition to playing basketball at the University of South Carolina, Duane is pursuing a major in broadcast journalism.

Duane’s parents are not together. As a matter of fact, Suzette and Mr. Clive Carr are happily married and the same applies to Paul Notice, married to Nordia Notice. Duane has three siblings; brother Mason and little sister Mia and Ava.

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Mason Carr is a senior at Montverde Academy in Toronto; according to his Twitter, he committed to play at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Furthermore, Suzette, her husband a business development representative at Mitsubishi Electric Sales reside in Toronto. She tries to see Duane’s games, but the time when she finally got the chance to see him in South Carolina was quite emotional