Mental toughness is crucial for sportsmen as injuries do in their way during the weight loss journey. Sports psychology of weight loss does involve the mental toughness of a person. Most of the athletes are competing at the highest level and mental toughness is the key to their success. 

Athletes usually need to maintain their weight to participate in a specific category. In games like boxing, wrestling, and weightlifting there are specific categories. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing exercise daily burn the required calories or daily Total daily calorie management.

Athletes do need to fall into a specific category to qualify in a specific category. For example, there are 60 KG, 70 KG, and 80 KG weight categories. The calculator online is quite a reliable source for managing weight for athletes. So they can participate in a certain category, as they even need to manage their BMR and specific Basal Metabolic Rate.  There are specific things that athletes need to get motivated and manage weight.

SMART Goal Setting and Motivation:

Set realistic and SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals for managing weight. Once an athlete can translate its goals to the practical then it is possible to achieve the SMART goals. Weight loss planner is the core for the SMART goals management and it is the key to lose weight.

  • Athletes should know the daily number of calories and TDEE counts for weight management.
  • Need the measured amount of exercise and workout to lose the weight strategically without any real threats.

Face the Challenges and Weight Loss Journey:

The weight loss journey is often not without challenges injuries are always in your way. Being an athlete it is quite realistic to prepare for the injuries. The weight loss journey is not easy as for losing 1 Lb of weight daily, an athlete has to lose around 3500 extra calories a day. If the sportsmen are not equipped to face the challenge of a weight loss journey. Then it is impossible to achieve weight loss and weight management. 

  • Weight loss journey is the ultimate goal for becoming a successful athlete
  • A successful athlete does know the calorie deficit required for achieving weight management

Self-Confidence and Self-Management:

Self-management is a necessary factor for achieving weight management. The weight loss calculator has the recipes to manage injuries successfully and with confidence. Once an athlete follows the directions of the online tools and apps it can manage the weight. The protein ratio is the key to weight management. Sportsmen having a managed protein ratio in the body compared to the fats usually can manage their weight. Weight management is not easy once there is a larger ratio of fats in the body. 

  • Self-motivated and self-management make the weight loss journey easy 
  • Weight management is not easy once there is a larger ratio of fats in the body. 

Stress Management and Weight Loss Goals: 

Athletes face mental and muscle stress during weight management. The weight loss calculator provides the paradigm to manage the weight for losing weight. Once a sportman can manage the muscle stress then it is possible to successfully lose the weight. A larger proportion of the fats resulted in higher cholesterol levels in the body. Unhealthy cholesterol accumulation is the major reason for weight gain in athletes and sportsmen.

  • Stress management is a complete science in weight loss as muscle eruption happens.
  • Cholesterol accumulation is the major reason for weight gain in athletes and sportsmen.

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose an athlete does want to lose 10 pounds of weight in 1 month. Then find how many calories he needs to burn per day. 


  • Weight Loss Goal = 10 Lb
  • Time Period = 1 Month


  • 1 Lb Fat Reduction = 3500 calories 
  • 10 Lb Fat Reduction = 35000 calories 


  • Time Period = 1 month 
  • Time Period = 30 days
  • Daily Calorie Deficit = 35000/30
  • Daily Calorie Deficit  = 1166 calories per day

The weight loss calculator calculates the number of calories needed to burn per day to achieve the target weight. For professionals, a precise estimation of the calorie burn is required to lose weight strategically.


Weight loss management is the key to success in the international sports arena. Once sportsmen can manage their weight then it is possible to strong and successful. A successful athlete usually has more protein content in the body compared to fats. Once proteins are larger proproti0onal as compared to fats, then an athlete usually makes progress in weight management. Weight management is only possible if an athlete is managing the fat content in the body and reducing it to the minimum level. 


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