Who is US Olympic Snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington’s Boyfriend?


Let’s meet pro snowboarder and gold medalist Kaitlyn Brooke Farrington. Beating the odds the almost unheard-of Kaitlyn managed to claim the center position at the medal podium on her first Olympics! And now we want to know everything about her. Before the 24-year-old claimed gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics for the women’s halfpipe final, she was fourth place in the 2013 World’s championships, she is also a silver medalist for the the Winter X Games.

Kaitlyn was born December 18, 1989. She was raised on a ranch in Idaho, when she was younger she used to nd used to barrel race, pole bend, and ride sheep. She began skiing at age 3 and barrel racing at 5. She still rides horses frequently, her mother says.

The daughter of Gary and Suze Farrington, had a hard time envisioning their daughter winning the gold medal.

Perhaps that’s because Farrington had a hard time imagining it as well. When she arrived in Sochi, her initial goal was just to make the finals, she said.


We are not sure if the skillful snowboarder is actually dating someone, although we wouldn’t doubt it, she is pretty hot and can get down with the boys, what’s not to like! Here are some other fun facts about her: She became the first women’s rider to perform a backside 900, she loves running and music, Farrington learned to snowboard in fifth grade, she collects refrigerator magnets from her travel stops and has had five wrist surgeries.


When she is not snowboarding she is usually around in Salt Lake City hanging out with friends. Wondering how she originally got into snowboarding, halfpipe essentially? This is what she said

Well, I think I switched at 11 or 12 because my older sister was doing it and I wanted to be like her. In 8th Grade Sun Valley got a halfpipe and that was when I got introduced to it. My friend was on the Sun Valley Snowboard Team, which was pretty cool, and I ended up getting on when I was 14.


You can find her Linkedin here, Facebook here and twitter here. Congrats to Kaitlyn!


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