Arthur Nory Mariano Simone Biles’ Boyfriend

Arthur Nory Mariano

Arthur Nory Mariano is the fella dating gymnast star, Simone Biles. His 19-year-old girlfriend is one of the most talked about athletes at the Rio Games and one of America’s top gymnasts.

Simone Biles standing at 4 ft 8 in might be tiny but she sure has a light of her own when it comes to gymnastics. Described as the greatest of all time, the Ohio native is a member of the gold medal-winning American team, nicknamed “The Final Five” at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.

Biles was too young four years ago to compete in London, so her name might not be too familiar, until recent years.

Dubbed “the Michael Jordan” of the sport, Biles made her senior debut in 2013 and has been killing it ever since in bigger stages. She is the winner of four consecutive all-around titles at the U.S. national championships and the first woman ever to be the all-around world champion three years in a row. Not to mention that she’s won fourteen total world championships medals—the most ever won by an American woman.

Biles has one of those inspiring stories fit for a movie. Despite of not having her parents around she has gone on to achieve most than your average 19-year-old. She and her younger sister Adria, were raised by their maternal grandfather after their mother –who struggled with drugs –was unfit to take care of them. Her father was never really there for her either.

She began training at age 6 and though it hasn’t been exactly a walk in the park, her hard work and dedication, has paid off.

The powerhouse gymnast earned an impressive 15.933 in the vault, a 15.3 on balance beam, and 15.8 for a crowd-pleasing floor routine in Rio, in which she performed “the Biles,” her signature move comprised of a double layout with a half twist.


But not everything needs to be work, work, work, Simone Biles also makes time to have a little fun. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, she posted an Instagram snap with fellow gymnast, Arthur Nory Mariano. She captioned the image “Brazilian boyfriend.”

According to NBC Olympics, the two are not dating. They have become close after competing in the same meets. They have known each other for the past three years.

Arthur Nory Mariano is a 22-year-old from Sao Paolo, Brazil who’s become one of Brazil’s top all-around gymnasts. He qualified 11th into the men’s all-around final.

He was born Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano. As a young boy, he followed his father’s steps into Judo and later changed to gymnastics.

Dating or not dating, Arthur Nory Mariano sure is one of Biles biggest fans. He’s always cheering for her. The alleged couple have a number of photos together on social media. He posted the same photo as Biles on his Instagram, only he captioned the controversial image as “My US girl.”

Biles described her relationship to Mariano telling media outlets they are ‘international friends.’

You can check him out on Instagram here.


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