Helen Dyson- F1 James Hunt’s girlfriend/ Fiancée


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Meet Helen Dyson, she is a highly successful artist based in London but before we get to that she was also the last woman in the life of Racing legend James Hunt. Helen who is now 47-years-old lived with James and shared with him his last years alive.

Helen met James at a restaurant where she was a waitress, at the time she was only 22-years-old, the years was 1988, soon after his split from second wife Sarah with whom he had two children and later a nasty divorce. By 1991 the couple were living together at his Wimbledon home. He took their affair very seriously. In June 1993, she had gone to Greece with a girlfriend for a holiday. Hunt telephoned her and proposed. Dyson was ecstatic, she was finally ready to start their family and to try an have children of their own but the racing legend died suddenly the very next day.

Helen had to start her life from zero, she was devastated by the news, just when she though she would have a brilliant future along her boyfriend’s and soon to be husband’s side in the blink of an eye, everything her dreams and hopes were gone.

The paint, mixed media and textile artist had to go back living with her parents after the home she and Hunt shared was sold and she was left with nothing.

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She attended The Wimbledon School of Art and took Art Foundation then she got her Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Art and Design from the University of London. Dyson also has a BA in Textiles from the Middlesex University.
Helen’s skills include Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Visual Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, Art, Galleries, Oil Painting, Acrylic, Art Education, Textiles, Sculpture, Figurative Art, Collage, Printmaking, Curating, Murals, Watercolor, Drawing, Art History among others.

According to her LinkedIn profile she is self-employed at Helen Dyson Art. She is also an art teacher, according to her twitter she enjoys running, cycling and is a “feminist & miniature schnauzer owner.”

After suffering the heartbreak of Hunt’s death Helen immerse herself in her work and has gained international recognition. Her bold compositions have been exhibited and commissioned internationally, catching the attention of collectors in Europe, Asia and the United States. Helen has also designed and painted numerous murals and backdrops for interior design magazine photo-spreads.

Helen has her own opinions about the “Rush” film and says the Hunt she knew would have been ashamed by the film’s description of him. Do you think she is right?

You can check out her website here.


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