Taylor Ullemeyer Coach Ozell Williams’ Girlfriend

Taylor Ullemeyer

Taylor Ullemeyer; a former cheerleader and dancer is the girlfriend of Ozell Williams Jr., former University of Colorado cheerleader; subsequently appeared on America’s Got Talent and eventually became the new coach of the cheerleader team at East High School; however not for long, why?

The first thing you need to know is that Taylor’s beau, Ozell Williams a tumbling sensation, seen on a controversial video where he forcefully held down 13-year-old Ally Wakefield into painful splits. He is now on administrative leave alongside four school employees.

Are you wondering what his girlfriend thinks of this video? Do you think she is fine with it or a bit freak out? Strangely enough, his gal was once a cheerleader, therefore she probably went through the same thing, don’t you think? Maybe, in the same way, Williams went during his cheerleading years.

Taylor Ullemeyer, from Denver, Colorado was a cheerleader with the Colorado Buffaloes at the University of Colorado. Taylor studies physician assistant school at Northeastern University; moreover, Ullemeyer is a medical assistant at Associates of Otolaryngology.

Taylor and Ozell are college sweethearts.