Michael Ledecky Katie Ledecky’s Brother

Michael Ledecky

Michael Ledecky is the brother of olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, two time gold medallists and nine-time world champion from Washington, D.C, she has achieved so much as such early age, but what about her big bro Michael Ledecky?

Michael Ledecky is the eldest child of Mary Gen Hagan and David Ledecky, who was born in Czechoslovakia and brother of Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, two-time gold medallists and nine-time world champion, and to think that it was thanks to Michael that she she got into swimming, well you all know the amazing story of Katie Ledecky, hers is one inspiring one, not done yet, her story continues. She’s still very young, you can expect to hear much more about the achievements of the younger Ledecky, but right now we want to know about her big bro, who she also thinks of as her best friend!but what about her big bro Michael Ledecky?

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22-year-old Michael Ledecky was nine when her six-year-old sister joined him in the pool, she tried to keep up to him,it didn’t take long for Katie to do that and then left him behind. Michael recalled that moment.

Oh, that’s a good question, Bill. It was pretty early on, I think, unfortunately. I think the pattern was for a while that she’d always beat my personal best that I had made the preceding year, so that would go on for a while. Even though we were three years apart in age, she was maybe one year behind me in swimming. And then I think by the time she was in high school, she was catching up and beating me in the longer events, and now I don’t think I can beat her in a 25-[meter race].

Michael Ledecky graduated in 2012 from Gonzaga College High School and from Harvard Crimson University with a Bachelor’s degree, Government in 2016. Michael was a marketing and public relations intern at DLE Sports Management Group in 2014, a year later he was a public relations intern for the Washington Capitals, around that same time he started a hockey radio analyst job at WHRB 95.3 radio in Cambridge. While at Harvard Michael Ledecky worked as an associate executive sports editor at the Harvard Crimson; since June, 2016 Michael has been working as a litigation specialist at Bancroft PLLC.

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