Tim Wolfe’s Wife Molly Wolfe

Molly Wolfe.

Molly Wolfe is the wife of Tim Wolfe former system president at the University of Missouri who resigned from his job after his handling of several racial controversies on campus. Molly and Tim Wolfe have two children together.

“I’m resigning as president of the University of Missouri System,” Wolfe said while reading a statement. “My motivation in making this decision comes from love. I love MU, Columbia where I grew up, the state of Missouri. I thought, prayed about this decision. It’s the right thing to do.”

Before we get to know Molly Wolfe, allow us to tell you a quick bio about her husband Tim Wolfe.
Timothy “Tim” Wolfe born in 1958 in Iowa City. Iowa graduated in 1980 with a BS from the Trulaske College of Business and in 1995 from Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.
Between 1999 and 2000 Wolfe was Vice president of solutions and marketing for Global Distribution at IBM; in 2000 he was executive vice president of Covansys; in October, 2003 VI East Americas at Novell who named him president in October, 2007. He became the 23rd president of the four-campus University of Missouri System in 2011.

Tim Wolfe Molly Wolfe

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Tim Wolfe’s wife Molly Wolfe, 48, was born Molly Schmeltz in August, 1967 to Charles and Mary Ellen Schmeltz. Molly Wolfe graduated in 1987 from the University of Kansas. Mrs. Wolfe and her husband are the proud parents of  20-year-old daughter Madison, a student at Furman University and son Tyler also 20, a student at Texas Christian University.