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After knocking Martin Kampmann, Johny Hendricks (Christina Hendricks’s husband), felt like he’d done what was needed to get an opportunity at welterweight champ, Georges St. Pierre.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s gall had personal plans, and Nick Diaz will be the one who faces GSP at UFC 158, at the same time as Hendricks is forced to mend for previous temporary welterweight champ, Carlos Condit.

As if getting snubbed wasn’t already wrong, Johny now has to see Diaz evade his PR leading up to his UFC 158 wrestle against Georges, as the Stockton local has done the whole thing from giving making crews a hard time.

Hendricks said:

I’ve done everything the UFC has ever asked of me.

I try to do as much as I can for the fans. And to know that a guy [who] has done everything he could to mess it up is still in it sucks. It makes you think that ‘hey, maybe I should do that to get a title shot.

Whilst Johny is still a little frustrated with the manner things went downward, he refuses to let it influence his focal point heading into his UFC 158 fight against Condit.

Hendricks added:

I’ve watched this guy for many years… I know he’s a tough fighter. I know he’s going to be a true test to my game and I can’t wait to see how I handle it.

Condit has been St. Pierre’s toughest adversary ever since the Canadian recaptured the welterweight title from Matt Serra at UFC 83, so it’s tough to dispute with Hendricks’ evaluation that “The Natural Born Killer” will be his toughest opponent till date when they square up in the Octagon.

Although Hendricks hits a lot harder, Condit is perhaps the better striker, given his superior armory of strikes, and his footwork might be sufficient to keep him away from Johny’s left hand. Carlos is also sneaky off his back, making him a rough adversary for “Bigg Rigg” in spite of of where the wrestle takes place. It’s one of those good matchups that will almost certainly come down to who wants it the most.

It’s a rough stain for a wrestler who has by now earned a title shot to find himself, but Johny doesn’t mind working a bit harder that others have in the precedent to get to the same place.

Hendricks explained:

Yeah I’m taking a chance, but that’s what life is about. It seems like today, everybody wants to be given something. ‘Oh I deserve this. Oh I deserve that. No man, I wanna take it.

Even though the fight is a big part of Hendricks life, but family and friends are also very significant to the Oklahoma local. He says that when he’s done fighting he wants to be remembered for being an excellent friend and dedicated family man. There is not anything that excites him more than the moment he gets to use with his wife Christina and two young daughters.

He says:

You’ve gotta live life, I love fighting and I know this is the most important fight of my career, but I also know it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have my friends and family in my corner. I feel bad because I had a friend moving who had no help, I couldn’t let him do it alone, but on a positive note I can count it as a training day!

When I wasn’t training I took my family on a couple of trips, we went to Branson, MO and we also went to Sea World. All I’ve really been doing is trying to be more of a family guy; I’m starting to figure out how to train and still go home and spend time with my family. These next three weeks are going to be hard on them, but I’m blessed to have a wife who is so supportive. For the most part I’m just trying to relax and enjoy life. I get recognized more these days and it can be easy to get caught up in that, but that’s when I take a step back so I don’t get blinded by it all.

Already about Johny boy, May I talk to you about his beautiful Wifey?

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26-year-old Christina Hendricks born Christina Henderson on November 17, 1986 in Oklahoma to Rita Hooper Henderson teacher and coach at Bridge Creek Public School. We might be wrong but Mrs. Hendricks might have two handsome brothers of her own Aaron and Johnny a former football player at Bridge Creek High now a student at the Academy of contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM/ UCO).

Christina Hendricks graduated in 2005 from Blanchard High School in Blanchard, Oklahoma and then graduated in 2009 from the University of Central Oklahoma, she studied nursing and psychology. She and Johnny got married on April 3, 2009, they have two adorable daughters Abri born on October 18, 2009 and little Jo born in 2012.

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Either as a blond or a brunette Johny Hendricks’ Wife Christina is one of the sexiest, prettiest MMA WAGs and we  adore her!!

Christina is on Facebook here and on MySpace here. Check her and her beautiful family in the photo gallery below and you don’t want to miss them in the video below!