Macarena Contador Pescador Alberto Contador Wife

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Macarena Pescador, Triple Tour de France champion Alberto Contador wife is expecting!

The couple got married in his home town of Pinto, Spain. Did you know the day of their wedding; Alberto’s buddies did a joke to his forever (10 years relationship) girlfriend and him after they got out of the church?

The two actually met when they were both teens and the love story started then. To the wedding, only relatives and 6 riders came.

This is what happened, the guys wrapped in plastic all the car, and then when the couple tried to get in they just couldn’t! After that, the couple went to their honeymoon in Rome and the Caribbean…..nice ;)

He declared then that:

Dedicaré el tiempo a cazar y a pasear por el campo. Luego empezaré en el gimnasio y a finales de noviembre, en serio con la bici. Si hace mucho frío en Pinto, me iré a la costa.

Meaning: I will dedicate time to hunt and walk in the fields. Then I will start the gym en train hard with the bike, if it is too cold in Pinto, I will go to the coast.

This is something only rich and famous can afford! But this champion deserves it! He works so hard and demonstrates that his effort is worth it on the races.

We hope to see his wife in the tour cuz we don’t see her often out there. She doesn’t seem to be interested in paparazzi and stuff like that.

I wonder if they met in school or at a party, who knows? But we are delighted to see the to are a stable couple and I heard somewhere that she was expecting a baby…

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