Hunter Strickland’s Wife Shelley Strickland

Shelley Strickland

Shelley Strickland Meet Shelley Strickland, she is the unique and extremely beautiful wife of Hunter Strickland the MLB pitcher with the Washington Nationals. Hunter, 25, wаѕ drafted bу thе Boston Rеd Sox in thе 18th round, 564th оvеrаll pick, оf …

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Meet Lorenzo Cain’s Wife Jenny Cain

Jenny Cain

Jenny Cain Meet Jenny Cain; the stunning wife of Lorenzo Cain, the MLB player who currently plays with the Milwaukee Brewers. Jenny Cain has been married to Lorenzo since 2013, they have three children together. Would you like to hear …

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Courtney Leggett- MLB Player Zach Britton’s Wife

courtney leggett

 Courtney Leggett Meet Courtney Legget also known as Courtney Britton; she is the beautiful wife of MLB player Zach Britton, the talented closer for the Baltimore Orioles. 2014, was a  great year for Zach Britton and his lovely wife Courtney …

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Jamie Gordon MLB player Alex Gordon’s Wife

Jamie Gordon

Jamie Gordon Meet Alex Gordon’s beautiful wife, Jamie Gordon. This Fab MLB Wag married to the Gold medalist and MLB player with the Kansas City Royals since 2010. Alex Gordon from Lincoln, Nebraska, was a member of the 2004 U.S. …

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Dennis Eckersley’s Wife Jennifer Eckersley

Jennifer Eckersley

 Jennifer Eckersley Meet Jennifer Eckersley; wife of Dennis Eckersley, the former MLB pitcher known as Eck. Mr.Eckersley  inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004,  played with the Cubs, Athletics, Cardinals, Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. He …

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Bianca Rivas MLB Jeurys Familia’s Wife

Bianca Rivas

MLB WAG Bianca Rivas! Bianca Rivas is the wife of MLB player Jeurys Familia, the closer pitcher with the New York Mets who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and whose dream wanted to be a professional basketball player. …

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Karen Banister MLB Jeff Banister’s Wife

Karen Banister

Karen Banister Karen Banister is the wife of MLB manager Jeff Banister. He is the current manager of the Texas Rangers. He also spend nearly three decades with the Pittsburgh Pirates prior to joining the Rangers in 2014. Manger Banister …

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Angela Showalter MLB Buck Showalter’s Wife

Angela Showalter

Angela Showalter Angela Showalter is the incredible and gorgeous wife of baseball coach Buck Showalter. He is the manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He previously was manager of the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Mrs. Showalter’s …

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Nadia Loney MLB James Loney’s Wife

Nadia Loney

Nadia Loney Nadia Loney is the beautiful and MLB WAG, married to James Loney. He is the Texas native and first baseman with the New York Mets, he also played with the Tampa Bay Rays and The Red Sox prior …

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Kendall Conley MLB Adam Conley’s Wife

Kendall Conley

Kendall Conley Kendall Conley is the pretty and loving wife of MLB player Adam Conley, the Washington born pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Conley also played college baseball at Washington State. But we are not going to talk that much …

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Susan Everett Vanderbilt Donny Everett’s mother

susan everett

Susan Everett Susan Everett is the loving mother of Vanderbilt pitcher Donny Everett who drowned during a fishing trip at lake Normandy a day before the playoffs. Donny Everett was 19 and is survived by his beloved father Army veteran …

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Anne Dickey MLB AR Dickey’s Wife


MLB WAG Anne Dickey! Anne Dickey iѕ thе beautiful wife оf R.A Dickey thе MLB player whо iѕ сurrеntlу thе pitcher with thе Toronto Blue Jays оf Major League Baseball.But wе аrе nоt gоing tо talk thаt muсh аbоut RA, …

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Deborah Collins Mets Terry Collins’ Wife

Deborah Collins

Meet Deborah Collins Deborah Collins is lovely wife of Terry Lee Collin, better known as Terry Collins, the manager for the New York Mets. Now that we are into game three of the National League Division Series, we want to …

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Larisa Affeldt: MLB Player Jeremy Affeldt’s Wife

Larisa Affeldt

Meet the lovely and extremely beautiful Larisa Affeldt, she is the caring wife of Jeremy Affeldt, the MLB pitcher currently playing with the San Francisco Giants. Jeremy Affeldt is today the 336-year-old relief pitcher for the Giants, but there was …

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