Theresa Fuller- Skater Adam’s Miller’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS)


adam miller girfriend


The Pro Skater Adam Miller is known by his back flip, and is known for his fantastic jumps and acrobatics demonstrations on skateboarding. This time he’s been up to his old tricks again with his incredible world first stunt, first because he was the first who jumps making the back flipping trick but this time with two boards.

The video of this amazing acrobatic demonstration in Youtube has more than 800,000 who already saw it.

Miller is well known by this acrobatics in skateboarding communities but in personal life is relatively unknown.

The only information about his personal life is in the social network, and according to his Facebook Miller has a relationship with a young girl named Theresa Fuller since October 2, 2011.

Theresa Fuller studied in Washington High School in Cedar Rapids which is the second largest city In Iowa.

You can follow Theresa Fuller on Facebook.