Alexandra Browne – PGA Golfer Rickie Fowler’s Girlfriend


Pin Meet Alexandra Browne, this pretty PGA wag is she is no stranger to life in the golf course after all she is the daughter of some famous golfer and is or used to be dating the amazing Rickie Fowler. Alexandra Browne bioPin Alexandra Fowler, 23,  was born in Jupiter, Florida to Olin Browne аnd hiѕ wife Pamela Browne whо iѕ аn attorney, ѕhе hаѕ оnе brother Olin Jr., whо is also a golfer. Ms. Browne graduated frоm high School in 2008 and started dating Rickie in April, 2010.

Alexandra Browne faher Olin BrowneAlexandra Browne mother Pamel BrownePinAlexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend-picsPinAlexandra Browne Olin BrownePinAlexandra Browne brother Olin Browne jrPin

After high school, Alexandra attended at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and soon the music bug  took a bite out of her and she loved it!

Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend picturePinAlexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend picturesPinAlexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend-photoPinAlexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend+photoPin

These days  Alexandra Browne is songwriter, and singer on her single Love  Don’t Lie you would find a blend of style is acoustic, pop-folk, modern alternative, and breezy,

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She released her first acoustic album Day By Day this year.

Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend-picturesPinAlexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend photosPin

Alexandra became a regular PGA Wag in the course, she joined the US Wags at pretty  much ever tournament, but we haven’t seen her pretty face recently, no longer dating?

Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend picsPin Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend picturePin Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend picturesPin Alexandra browne rickie fowler girlfriend photoPin

Maybe Rickie and Alexandra  no longer dating, but there two ladies who an important role in his life, one is his loving and gorgeous  mom, Mrs. Lynn Brown and his younger sister Taylor, both  extremely beautiful women.

Lynn Fowler Rickie Fowler motherPinRickie Fowler mother LynnPinTaylor Fowler Rickie Fowler sisterPinrickie fowler fatherPin

UPDATE: Meet Rickie Fowler’s New HOOOOT girlfriend!! Alexis!

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