Brian Snitker’s Wife Ronnie Snitker

Ronnie Snitker

Ronnie Snitker Meet Mrs. Ronnie Snitker; she is the beautiful and amazing wife of MLB manager Brian Snitker, the talented manager for the Atlanta Braves.  He joined the Braves in 1977, initially as a player; subsequently in 1985, became the …

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Austin Riley Wife Anna Riley

Anna Riley,Austin Riley wife

Meet Austin Riley’s drop-dead gorgeous wife, Anna Riley! This lovely young lady has been an important part of Riley’s life since high school. As most of you must know, Austin Riley is the third baseman currently signed by the Atlanta …

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Freddie Freeman Wife Chelsea (Goff) Freeman

Chelsea Goff,Chelsea Freeman,Freddie Freeman wife

Chelsea Freeman Meet the lovely Chelsea Goff aka Chelsea Freeman; she is the pretty wife of MLB first baseman Freddie Freeman, who currently plays for the Atlanta Braves. Prior to getting drafted in the second round of the 2007 MLB …

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Kris Bryant wife Jessica Delp

Jessica Delp,Kris Bryant wife,Jessica Bryant

Jessica Delp Lovely Jessica Delp now Jessica Bryant; she is the wife of  MLB player Kristopher L. Bryant, better known as Kris Bryant or “Silk.” Her hubby is currently a third baseman for the San Francisco Giants. Kris Bryant MLB …

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Gabe Kapler’s Wife Lisa Kapler [PHOTOS]

Lisa Kapler,Gabe Kapler wife,Gabe Kapler girlfriend

Lisa Kapler Lisa Kapler is the ex-wife of former MLB player Gabe Kapler, former MLB player and current manager for the San Francisco Giants. Kapler spent 12 seasons playing in the MLB before he started his coaching career as a …

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Joc Pederson Wife Kelsey Williams Pederson

Kelsey Williams,Joc Pederson Wife

Kelsey Williams Pederson Meet Kelsey Williams Pederson aka Kelsey Pederson; she is the wife of major league player  Joc Pederson. The talented outfielder for the Atlanta Braves who previously played with the Los Angeles Dodgers, just like his old man …

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Alex Cora Girlfriend Angelica Feliciano

Angelica Feliciano

Angelica Feliciano Meet Angelica Feliciano, the beautiful girlfriend of former MLB player Alex Cora. The Puerto Rican native played as an infielder, prior to becoming a manager. He was the coach for the Houston Astros, before becoming the manager of …

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James Wade Wife Edwige Lawson-Wade

Edwige Lawson Wade

Meet Edwige Lawson-Wade, this beautiful gal is the former French basketball player and wife of basketball coach James Wade, current head coach for the WNBA team, Chicago Sky. James a causing of retired NBA player Dwayne Wade is a former …

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Chris Sale Wife Brianne Aron Sale

Brianne Aron Sale

Brianne Aron Sale Brianne Aron Sale is the MLB wag married to MLB player Chris Sale, known as The Condor. He is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, previously played for the Chicago White Sox. Sale a Florida native …

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Tony La Russa Wife Elaine Coker

Elaine Coke aka Elaine La Russa is the loving wife of former MLB player Tony La Russa, who is currently the manager for the Chicago White Sox. La Russa’s story with the White Sox goes way back to 1978 when …

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Miles Mikolas And His Wife Lauren Mikolas

Miles Mikolas And His Wife Lauren Mikolas

Miles Mikolas is a 32-year-old pitcher, nicknamed The Lizard, who spent much of the last season injured for the St Louis Cardinals. Miles Mikolas College Mikolas hails from Jupiter, Florida, and graduated in 2006. He attended Nova Southeastern University, Fort …

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Kyle Schwarber Wife Paige Hartman

Paige Hartman

Paige Hartman Paige Hartman is the stunning wife of MLB player Kyle Schwarber, the catcher and left fielder for the Boston Red Sox, he also played for the Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals. Prior to his MLB Draft selection …

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Esteban Loaiza’s Girlfriend Ross Labra

Ross Labra

Ross Labra Meet Ross Labra; she is the current girlfriend of Mexican baseball pitcher Esteban Loaiza. The Tijuana native started his MLB career with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1995; throughout the 13 years he played in the Major Baseball League, …

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Mike Trout’s Wife Jessica Cox Trout

Jessica Cox Trout,Jessica Cox,Jessica Trout,Mike Trout wife,Jessica cox engagement ring

Jessica Cox Trout Meet the lovely Jessica Cox Trout; she is the amazing and stunning wife of MLB player Mike Trout. Her husband is the 6’2′ center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, the team he initially joined in 2011, …

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Michael Wacha’s Wife Sarah Wacha

Sarah Wacha

Sarah Wacha This stunning young lady is Sarah Wacha, wife of MLB player Michael Wacha; her husband is the talented pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. Wacha previously played for the St. Louis Cardinals. Michael Wacha Family Michael Wacha was …

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Joe Maddon’s Wife Jaye Sousoures Maddon

Jaye Sousoures Maddon

Jaye Sousoures Maddon Jaye Sousoures Maddon, the second wife of MLB manager Joe Maddon, is the MLB Wag that we are here to talk to you about. Her hubby is the Los Angeles Angels manager; he previously was a manager …

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Jose Canseco’s Daughter Josie Canseco

Jose Canseco's Daughter Josie Canseco

Josie Canseco Josie Canseco is a celebrity best known for her famous last name, that’s right, she is the daughter of former MLB star, Jose Canseco. Josie’s former star athlete father, is widely recognized for his storied career in the …

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Jo Lasorda 5 facts About Tommy Lasorda’s Wife

Jo Lasorda

Jo Lasorda Meet Mrs. Jo Lasorda; she is the wife of former major league baseball manager Tommy Lasorda. Once a pitcher with the Kansas city Athletica and the Brooklyn Dodgers has been happily married to Jo, who he described as his …

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Meet Blake Snell’s Pretty Girlfriend Haeley Mar

Haeley Mar

Haeley Mar This drop-dead gorgeous gal is Haeley Mar; she is the lovely girlfriend of MLB player Blake Snell, one of the talented pitchers currently playing for the San Diego Padres; he previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays. Blake …

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