Equestrian Lauren Kanarek’s Boyfriend Robert Guy Goodwin

Robert Guy Goodwin

Meet Robert Guy Goodwin; he is the longtime boyfriend and fiance of Lauren Kanarek. Ms. Kanarek is the award-winning equestrian, shot by former US dressage Olympian Michael Barisone just days after she wrote online that a certain drunk threatened to hurt her.

“A certain known drunk; has literally just informed me ‘sleep with one eye open,’ ”

She made no mention of Baristone there; however, she said his name loud and clear when he shot her at his Hawthorne Farm in bucolic Morris County.

According to the New York Post, Lauren was who called 911.

” Washington Township Police Department received a 911 call from a female who said; “Michael Barisone shot me” and “I’ve been shot twice,” according to the complaint filed in Washington Municipal Court.”

Barisone, is facing two counts each of attempted murder and weapons possession for the attack.

Moreover, 38-year-old Kanarek, underwent surgery at the Morristown Medical Center and is in critical condition; her fiancee Robert Guy Goodwin, was with Lauren when the whole thing happened.

When police arrived, Mr. Goodwin was lying on top of Barisone on the path that leads to the house, Lauren was bleeding on the pavement next to them.

Furthermore, 42-year-old Robert Guy Goodwin, born on February 26, 1977, in Livingston, New Jersey. Nowadays lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with Lauren.