Julie Hunt- MMA Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt’s Wife

Mark Hunt appears to have alleviated the distress of UFC nerve and fans in a similar way. He will be able to travel to Las Vegas for his UFC co-main event showdown with dos Santos on Saturday. We hope to see his wife Julie Hunt there, since she doesn’t need visa for being Aussie.

Last week, Hunt announced that he was denied exit from New Zealand due to visa issues, and the Nevada Athletic Commission granted heavyweight competitor Roy Nelson a license to fight at UFC 160 in the event that Hunt was powerless to make the trip. Ariel Helwani reported via Twitter that UFC officials confirmed that Hunt had received his visa and would fly to Las Vegas sometime on Sunday evening.

UFC 160 takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena and is titled by a heavyweight title conflict between Velazquez and Silva. The license also features a lightweight title eliminator among Maynard and T.J.

UFC fighter Mark Hunt’s beautiful and amazing wife is Julie Margret Hunt an Australian hairdresser born in 1973 and proud momma of her three gorgeous children, son Noah and daughters Sierra and Aurora. Super Samoan’s wifey Julie graduated in 1991 from Campbeltown High School and in 1994 from Liverpool TAFE.

She loves reggae and pop. Just like me, she likes Pink, who doesn’t? Hey Pink, give us that punch in your songs that hits us hard on our hearts.

I am not sure if she read Harry Potter’s books but she loves all the movies. She enjoys seeing films with her kids, such as Toy Story. I believe thus, this saga is one of the best kids’ movies of all times. How do I rate this? Let me tell you my secret (and is not using Antonio Bandera’s perfume…) If I go to a late night movie show, if I don’t sleep during the movie, then it is a good one! Thumbs up for Toy Story 2! I left the movie theater at midnight and didn’t fall asleep all the way through!

Her fav Tv shows are: Spartacus (too for my taste..), Cops and Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

Guess who’s her favorite sport man? Of course! Her hubby Mark! Her favorite all times team is All Blacks.

Mostly she spends her days doing stuff with the kids, hanging with friends and going to the gym. She is like many of us who regrets missing important phone calls or lose the phone just because she set it on silence! She also likes pets and likes to go to the zoo with her kids. She also enjoys Mary J. Blige.

You can visit Julie’s Twitter here.