Martha Breithaupt: BMX Scot Breithaupt’s Wife

Martha Breithaupt was the wife of Scot Breithaupt. Her husband, Scot –who was considered founder of “Old School BMX” was found dead at age 57.

Reports say Breithaupt, was found dead in a tent in a vacant lot in Indio on Saturday evening. The Riverside County coroner is investigating the circumstances of his death.

Scot’s rebel and energetic personality led him to organize races on a dirt lot, friends called more friends and it soon evolved into what we know as BMX — bicycle motocross, he took it to the next step and helped turn BMX bike racing from a backyard backwater into an international action sport.


Scot started in the 70’s but in 2008 BMX debuted in China in the Olympics.Scot not only won several championship but was also an early voice for the sport, introducing it to the nation as a color commentator in the early 1980s, when it was televised on ESPN at a time when the network itself was new and specialized in novelties.

Later, he started manufacturing bikes, founding the company SE Racing and creating several innovative frame designs, according to a report from CBS.


Martha was born Martha Leticia on October 26. Mrs. Breithaupt is 49-years-old and according to online records she works or used to work at Deloitte LLP.

On Facebook she can found as Martha Breithaupt Delamora and we also learned the couple was not longer together. Martha is the mother of Scot’s two adult sons: Scot Breithaupt Jr. and Brandon Breithaupt.

Scot Jr. works at Run Racing and currently lives in Belmont Shore Long Beach Ca.; while Brandon is a Store Manager at Auto Zone and resides in Huntington Beach, California, according to their respective social media pages.

As for Martha, she has been a Manager at Career Academy of Beauty since 1998, she attended Los Alamitos High School and resides in Garden Grove, California.

She is listed as single ans the about section says about herself: “I LOVE CHURCH, SPORTS. FISHING, CYCLING.”

We send our condolences to Martha, her sons and the rest of Scot’s family.


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