Tiger Woods’ Rummored Girlfriend Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay Somers is the  model girlfriend of golfer champ Tiger Woods. The alleged couple began dating earlier this year and the blonde bombshell is getting all the attention.

Laci Kay Somers has appear to have taken the place of skier Lindsey Vonn –after she and Woods split in 2015. The 14-time Major champion and dad of two has since been linked to new lady, Laci –who happens to describe herself as a singer, model, actress and personal trainer.

Is not clear how Laci and Tiger came to be associated with each other, but let’s honest, Laci would be any men’s dream chick.

25-year-old Miss Somers who is originally from California is also a swimwear model and sometimes cosmetic nurse. According to her social media, Laci Kay Somers plays piano and sings everyday. The blonde also has her own website where she reveals she is a huge sports fan, specially when it comes to the watching 49ers score touchdowns, the Giants hit Home Runs, and Warriors setting records.


Aside from being competitive and obsessed with Cookies N’ Cream Frozen Yogurt, you wouldn’t imagine she’s been through her share of negativity. Somers says on Facebook she was actually bullied growing up.

But Somers who was able to turn the negativity into something she could learn from, is also an Instagram star with over 7 million followers on her account.

When people asks her what she does for fun, instead of imagining she would be out partying think again! Laci does not drink, smokes or party. Instead she keeps a healthy life style going to the gym, engaging with fans on social media every day, and traveling –are her choices for a fun time.

Will Laci be supportive of Tiger’s recent DUI arrest? The 41-year-old who has struggled with a bad back for years, was famously involved in a car crash at his Florida home in 2009 that led to revelations of his extra-marital affairs. He publicly apologized in February 2010 and took four months off from playing competitive golf.