Who is MMA Fighter Josh Barnett’s Girlfriend?

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Who is Josh Barnett girlfriend? We are always fascinated by knowing who is the couple of who. Let’s move this into the stardom and our minds are blown away…I love to see sport guys dating women who are not literally chosen for their medal stars in a competition none less the Olympics…

There is an urban myth, I can not say if whereas is true or not..about a video virusing all over internet showing, Josh sleeping with someone who apparently is his girlfriend but the story didn’t have a happy ending precisely. There is a rumor that he broke his private parts and had to go to the hospital and have something done to fix the damage. Or was this the story of another fighter in Malaysia?


Mmmmm I think so cuz as far as I have seen, Josh is not a player and he is not capable of doing such a thing! He keeps his private life like that, closed door to people out of his intimate circle.

So guys, if you have news about him and the mystery woman who has won his heart, let us know…. Just so you  know the girl in the pics below, at first we thought Cherie Carlson was his girlfriend, but it turned ut they are just good friends, bummer they make a hot couple.