Who is Nick Diaz’ Girlfriend? Heather Thomas!!

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Nick Diaz has been described as the UFC’s Bad Boy, but does the bad  boy has a bad girl? Is Nick Diaz married? Does he has a girlfriend? Do you know who is his girlfriend?

29-year-old Nick Diaz has a big mouth, a bad attitude but he is a favorite no matter how you hate him, you can’t help to like a little bit too, there must be a girl who is loving his bad boy too, right but who is it?

A few months ago there was a YouTube of a girl explaining the dangers of milk, that hot girl was allegedly Nick Diaz’ girlfriend, however no name and the video was set to private.

Nick is the older brother of another MMA fighter Nate Diaz, he was born in Stockton, Cali on August 2, 1983. He made his debut at UFC against Jeremy Jackson  at UFC 44 on July, 2003, he was released by the UFC on April, 2006 making his return to the UFC 4 months later.

In November, 2006 he was once again left the UFC and he signed with Gracie Fighting Championships, he came back for UFC 137 against BJ Penn who he defeated by unanimous  decision.

He mentioned he was thinking about retiring from the sport in Montreal during UFC 158 after he lost to Georges St Pierre.

Maybe because he wants to settle down with a goof looking girl and start a family? it could be sadly nobody knows what is the name of nick Diaz’ girlfriend or if he is even dating someone, do you know if he is single?

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Apparently he is not and he hasn’t been for a while his girlfriend is Heather Nikole on Instagram and possible Heather Thomas on Facebook, she is really pretty, smart and gets to hang out with the real Nick Diaz that many of us are  unfamiliar with, it turns out he is really kind, sweet and a real gentleman!!

Nick Diaz Girlfriend Heather Nikole picturesPin