Zach Ertz wife Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz

Meet Julie Ertz, formerly known as Julie Johnson, the soccer player with the Chicago Red Stars and the USA Women’s National Team. In addition to that, Julie is the lovely wife of NFL player Zach Ertz, a tight end with …

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Josh McCown’s Wife Natalie McCown

Natalie McCown

Natalie McCown Natalie McCown is the pretty wife of NFL player Josh McCown; her husband is a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Josh a Jacksonville, Texas native played with the Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Dolphins, Panthers, 49ers, Bears, Buccaneers, Browns and …

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Carson Wentz’ Pretty wife Madison Oberg

Madison Oberg

Madison Oberg Meet the lovely Madison Oberg! Maddie is one gorgeous young lady, good-hearted and by far the Wag with one of the best smiles. this pretty girl happens to be the pretty wife of NFL player Carson Wentz; the …

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Malik Jackson’s Girlfriend Jade Bennett

Jade Bennett

Jade Bennett Jade Bennett aka Jade Kayrina and The Party Diva one of the original cast member of L.A Bad Girls Club. Ms. Bennett also happens to be the NFL WAG currently dating Malik Jackson NFL defensive end player who …

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Michel Hunt- Sproles NFL player Darren Sproles’ Wife

Michel Hunt Sproles

Michel Hunt- Sproles Meet Michel Hunt or better said Mrs. Sproles, she is the lovely, athletic, business savvy, accomplished woman and cancer survivor wife of NFL player Darren Sproles, the 5’6″ running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. Michel is an …

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Megan O’Malley Long NFL Chris Long’s Wife

Megan O'Malley Long

Megan O’Malley Long Megan O’Malley Long is the stunning wife of NFL player Chris Long a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, he also played for the New England Patriots and the Rams. He is the son of former NFL player …

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Tina Lai Lurie Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie’s Wife

Tina Lai Lurie

Tina Lai Lurie Meet Mrs. Tina Lai Lurie aka Tina Lurie; she is the second wife of Jeffrey Lurie, majority owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Mr. Lurie alongside his ex-wife Christina Lurie, formerly known as Christina Weiss, have been the proud …

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Meet Nelson Agholor’s Girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli Meet Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli, a famous beauty blogger; he is the 6’0″ wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. In addition to the Eagles, the Nigerian native played at Southern California, prior to the NFL. And now check …

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Sidney Jones’ Hot Girlfriend Cydney Tate

Cydney Tate

Cydney Tate This insanely hot lady is Ms. Cydney Tate; she is the girlfriend of NFL player Sidney Jones, the talented 6’0″ cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jones played college football at the University of Washington prior to being drafted …

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Gerraka Watkins Jaylen Watkins’ Wife

Gerraka Watkins

Gerraka Watkins Have you met Gerraka Watkins? She is the gorgeous wife of NFL safety Jalen Watkins. He currently plays the Philadelphia Eagles, perhaps you wonder whether or not Jaylen and Sammy Watkins are related, then the answers is yes, they …

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Malcolm Jenkins’ Wife Morrisa Jenkins

Morrisa Jenkins

Morrisa Jenkins Meet the lovely Morissa Jenkins; she is the pretty wife of NFL player Malcolm Jenkins. Her hubby is the 6’0″ safety for the Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to joining Philadelphia in 2014, Jenkins played for the New Orleans Saints; …

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Kamu Grugier-Hill’s Girlfriend Erin Smith

Erin Smith

Erin Smith This lovely young lady is Erin Smith; she is the stunning girlfriend of Hawaiian NFL player Kanu Grugier-Hill, the 6’2″ linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. He also played for the New England Patriots. Prior to the NGL, Kamu played …

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Yesenia Burton NFL Trey Burton’s Wife

Yesenia Burton

Yesenia Burton Yesenia Burton is the beautiful and marvelous wife of NFL player Trey Burton. Her hubby is the 6’2″ tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. Her hubby is the 6’2″ tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to the …

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Mindy Friedman Roseman NFL Howie Roseman’s Wife

Mindy Friedman Roseman

Mindy Friedman Roseman Mindy Friedman Roseman is the loving, caring not to mention beautiful wife of Howie Roseman. He is the executive vice president of football operations for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles hired him in 2000. As an interim he took …

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Micaela Powers NFL Corey Clement’s Girlfriend

Micaela Powers

Micaela Powers Check out the lovely Micaela Powers; this young and beautiful gal is the girlfriend of NFL player Corey Clements, the 5’10” running back for the  Philadelphia Eagles, who also played college football with the Badgers at the University …

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Chanel Williams Smith NFL Torrey Smith’s Wife

Chanel Williams Smith

Chanel Williams Smith Meet Chanel Williams Smith; the lovely wife of NFL player Torrey Smith a wide receiver currently playing with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also played with the San Francisco 49ers, as well as for the Baltimore Ravens, that was …

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Catherine Cuesta Jeffords Fletcher Cox’s Affair

Catherine Cuesta Jeffords

Catherine Cuesta Jeffords Check out Catherine Cuesta Jeffords; she is the woman with whom  Philadelphia Eagles player Fletcher Cox allegedly had an affair with. According to Catherine’s husband Josh Jeffords, who claims he has proof of the affair, which includes several text messages …

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